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DHAL Response to COVID-19

Hello, DHAL Community. Please follow us on Facebook for the latest news and updates regarding DHAL’s COVID-19 response. Please check back often for updated information as this situation evolves.

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DHAL’s April 21 Comprehensive Testing Program

4/21/2020 TESTING SUMMARY: 151 Tests completed today. This includes all 114 in-house residents plus 37 staff members. 4 staff members weren’t able to come in on their day off and will be tested ASAP. The next step is for lab processing and results privately communicated in a few days.

We would like to share an update on our comprehensive COVID-19 testing program. We were able to complete the first part of the testing for all residents and almost all staff. The handful of staff unable to come in on their off-day will be tested tomorrow or this weekend. The next stage is for the collected samples to be processed at the lab, which should be completed in the next few days. We will call each DPoA and/or authorized family contact in which we can reach with test results either positive or negative. We anxiously await results, but are heartened to know that given the breadth and depth of this pandemic in the WyCo and Greater Kansas City region, it is possible that we find “asymptomatic” spread of the virus at DHAL from these tests. That possibility is a major part of why we so desperately pushed for this comprehensive level of testing in the first place.

Also, we want to highlight just how monumental todays testing program really was. Our testing team included not only our amazing staff, but also several medical professionals from our extended medical support team. And to put this entire program together in only a few days was truly a testament of teamwork and good old fashioned human determination of the greatest kind. We would like to thank each and every member of our staff from the nurses administering the samples collection, our property management staff for supporting other needs like meals delivery, our Board of Directors for their amazing support at any cost, and our medical team for orchestrating nothing short of a miracle in procuring this volume of testing.

And as mentioned yesterday, we don’t know when we can secure this volume of testing again, even though we would like to test as frequently as possible. However, we still have enough inventory of tests needed for our high-priority needs.

So we know that it is certainly possible that things get worse with more COVID-19 cases at DHAL due to the nature of our facility’s much higher risk factors, before they get better. However, we have the ultimate resolve to do everything we can think of in support of our mission to provide a quality affordable assisted living community to our residents.

Are there any COVID-19 cases at DHAL?

DHAL Community, we want to inform you about some unfortunate news. A resident of DHAL was taken to the hospital earlier today (April 16th) after showing flu-like symptoms and then subsequently tested positive for COVID-19. At this time, we are cautiously thankful that we do not have other COVID-19 cases in the building. And for the past several weeks, we have taken numerous safety measures, developed strict protocols, and continue to conduct ongoing staff in-service training. As we continue to enhance and elevate our precautionary protocols, some new measures implemented today include requiring that only trained nursing staff interact with any residents, including delivery of all meals. Also, any resident on isolation protocol, whether precautionary or not, must wear a face mask during any interaction with staff, even within their apartments. We already required residents wear face masks when outside of their apartments. Please contact us at 913-721-1400 or email us at for any questions or more information.

Can Residents Leave the Property?

Due to “Shelter in Place” orders, and out of an abundance of caution, DHAL no longer will allow residents to leave the property for non-medical care reasons, effective immediately. Because our residents are a higher-risk population, any resident that does leave the property for any reason will be required to complete isolation protocol upon return. Isolation protocol will start at the curb, so please wait at the curb for a nurse to meet you upon resident return. We deeply value the care and companionship family and friends provide for your loved ones here at DHAL. Thus, we strongly encourage you to use the free FaceTime video conferencing workstation that we have setup. Please contact us to schedule a FaceTime with your loved one.

“Stay at Home” or “Shelter in Place” Orders

Hello, DHAL Community… You may be aware of the “Stay at Home” or “Shelter in Place” orders enacted or being enacted soon. This order does not apply to “essential services” and healthcare is one of those essential services. So yes, all DHAL staff will be reporting to work, so long as you clear our Entry Screening, just like before and provide the much needed care for all of our DHAL Community residents. The safety of our residents and staff are our greatest priority and we are ALL in this together. Thank you, DHAL.

Who can visit DHAL right now?

We love visitors and especially our adult-child care-giver visitors! Visitors to DHAL are an essential part of the care provided to our residents and the overall Community. And adult-child care-givers are essential to providing all of the care that is needed for some of our residents.

And in accordance to strict guidelines by the CDC and KHCA/KCAL, and out of an abundance of caution, only individuals who provide medically necessary care are allowed in to the DHAL building, and only if they clear CDC Entry Protocol, which is a quick check for risk symptoms. Medically necessary individuals includes staff, residents, 3rd-party providers, and adult-child care-givers who are visiting specifically to provide care.

If you are delivering something to your loved ones at DHAL, please continue to provide this important service! And upon arrival, please bring it to the front-door foyer and the screener will ensure that it is delivered to your loved ones. You can then leave, unless you are providing medically necessary care. So as a precaution, we cannot let you in the building for just deliveries for the safety of your loved ones and everyone else in the DHAL Community.

What is Social Distancing?

Social interaction is important to everyone in the DHAL Community. And in the age of COVID-19, we need to adjust our approach to social behaviors out of an abundance of caution, per the CDC and KHCA/KCAL. Both staff and residents have been trained, and will continue to be re-trained, on practicing good social distancing.

Social Distancing Basics:

    1. Maintain at least 3 feet distance from anyone else and try to keep 6 feet distance. If you can reach out and touch them, then they are too close.
    2. Try not to congregate in groups of more than 3 people. Try to socialize, chat, or conduct business over the phone or video-conference (FaceTime) as much as possible.
    3. Never shake hands, bump fists, or even bump elbows. Even bumping elbows is elevated risk because it requires being inside 3 feet of someone else (See #1 Above). So practice the new replacement for the handshake! Place your right hand over your heart and nod your head towards the person in which you are greeting. It’s quick and easy, and everyone will know what you’re doing.

Moving to In-Room vs Communal Dining

Per the CDC, and out of an abundance of caution, DHAL is transitioning to in-room dining with a complete set of logistics and hygiene best practices. Residents will no longer need to congregate in the dining hall, as DHAL staff will deliver fresh meals to their rooms, starting Sunday March 15th.

New Temporary Visitor Policy

Per the CDC and KHCA/KCAL We cannot allow visitors to enter the building who are not deemed medically necessary for the effective care of our residents. Please email us for questions at

Now, having said all that, out of an abundance of caution, and along with the CDC guidance, we’re encouraging everyone across the United States to limit travel and try to do your work, play, and social engagement via phone, social media, or video conferencing (FaceTime) if at all possible. And out of an abundance of caution, and per local “Shelter in Place” guidance, we are not allowing residents to leave unless going out for medical care purposes. Because our residents are a higher-risk population, any resident that does leave the property for any reason will be required to complete isolation protocol upon return. Isolation protocol will start at the curb, so please wait at the curb for a nurse to meet you upon resident return. We deeply value the care and companionship family and friends provide for your loved ones here at DHAL. Thus, we strongly encourage you to use the free FaceTime video conferencing workstation that we have setup. Please contact us to schedule a FaceTime with your loved one.

New Entry Protocol

Anyone allowed to enter must complete Entry Protocol screening on each visit to check for risk symptoms.

Also, anyone that is allowed to enter must enter through the front lobby entrance. You can exit out of the building from any of the exit doors throughout the first floor, but you are strictly forbidden from entering the building through any door other than the front lobby door at this time.

Additional Precautionary Protocols

We are regularly disinfecting high-touch items and areas, such as handrails and door knobs throughout the building.

We have started a perpetual series of training workshops with both residents and staff specific to COVID-19.

And we have implemented numerous precautionary care and anti-contagion protocols for both residents and staff, in the event they are necessary.

Important COVID-19 Resources

What are the symptoms of COVID-19?

What do you do if you start exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms?

The CDC is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for the United States.

KHCA/KCAL is the Kansas Assisted Living Association representing ALFs throughout the state of Kansas.

The Mayo Clinic is a world leader in healthcare research and care.

The WHO is the world’s collaborative healthcare organization dedicated to providing better healthcare to all humans on the planet.


Delaware Highlands Assisted Living (DHAL) is the only assisted living facility in the Midwest that is entirely income-based. You never pay more than your income will allow. With 121 spacious one-bedroom apartments, DHAL provides a full spectrum of assisted living care, daily activities, community outings, three meals every day, transportation services, free Google Fiber Internet access in each apartment, a computer cafe, sports lounge, and round-the-clock 24/7 nursing staff. DHAL is uniquely positioned to serve low-income seniors who still want top-rated assisted living care.

Award Winning Assisted Living Community

Best of Kansas City 2011
Top Assisted Kansas Living Facility
Top Assisted Living Facilities
Top Assisted Living Centers

Our Community

Your Life… Made Easier

– Income-Based Rents! (Utilities Included)
– Maintenance-free living
– Free personal WiFi Internet connection in each apartment
– Spacious 550 sq ft 1-bedroom homes
– Private bathrooms and 3 large closets
– Accessible, barrier-free design
– Kitchenette with refrigerator and microwave
– Several daily activities and events
– 3 delicious home-style meals served every day
– On-site beauty salon & barber shop
– On-site non-denominational chapel
– Whirlpool room and day-spa services
– Laundry services included on each floor
– Coordinated transportation services
– The Country Store (small convenience store)
– Computer Cafe and Sports Lounge
– Emergency alert pendants for all residents
– Emergency alert pull cords in each bathroom
– 24-hour qualified staff: LPN, CMA’s, & CNA’s
– Individually customized medications and care plan
– On-site doctor’s office open weekly on Thu & Fri
– Periodic wellness monitoring
– Served by multiple Home-Health Agencies

Eligibility Requirements

Residents must be age 65 or older and meet the eligibility guidelines for the Section 8 Rental Voucher program or… If you are unable to get approved for Section 8, you must qualify for Section 42 housing, which means having less than $31,080 as a single or $35,520 as a couple in gross annual income to qualify.

Section 8 Rental Voucher Program

Eligibility for a Section 8 Rental Voucher or Certificate is determined by the Public Housing Agency and is based on your total gross annual income, which cannot exceed $24,700 a year for one person or $28,200 for a married couple. This program is limited to U.S. citizens and specified categories of non-citizens who have eligible immigration status.

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